Evangelia Dimitrakopoulou: Phaneromene

14 – 31 October 2020

PALFREY is very glad to present Phaneromene, a show by Evangelia Dimitrakopoulou. Focusing on an admixture of the everyday domestic materials, vinegar and soda (sodium bicarbonate), this installation concocts a live chemical reaction. Soda and vinegar are conventionally used to clean and sterilize surfaces. Here the fizzing, foaming, bubbling brew they create offers, for Dimitrakopoulou, both an immediate sensory encounter with a theatre of chemistry and an invocation of metaphors and associations. Phaneromene comes from the Greek fanerono, φανερώνω, meaning ‘to reveal’ or ‘the one who is revealed’. Without spelling out the revelation at hand, the show initiates transitions between the visible, the invisible, the sensory and the knowable. Reflecting on a time of contagion, Dimitrakopoulou’s installation invites us to unravel, speculate and connect thoughts of breathing, atmospheres and the invisible circulation of micro-organisms and viruses. It is a recalling of air that generates a recognition of its materiality and power over life.

Curated by John Chilver

OPENING Wednesday 14 October, 3 – 8pm

Evangelia Dimitrakopoulou (b. Athens 1992) studied at Athens School of Fine Arts and is graduating from the Goldsmiths MFA programme this year. She lives and works in London. Her first solo project To Host was showcased at The Change Room, London, 2019, curated by Oana Damir. Recent exhibitions and screenings have included: London Grads Now, Saatchi Gallery, 2020; Ways and Means, www.skelf.org, 2020; Pou sou nefko pou paeis, Korai Project Space, Nicosia, Cyprus, 2020; [heterotopias], curated by Felice Moramarco, Oen Gallery, Kabelvag, Norway, 2020; Thou do with me what you wish, DEPTFORD X, Take Courage Gallery, London, 2019; The one that wasn’t invited, curated by Naz Balkaya, SB34 The Pool, Brussels, 2019; LONG LIVE THE NEW FLESH, Manyhands, London, 2019;  An earthly matter, curated by Margarita Kataga, Ileana Tounta Gallery, Athens, 2018.

Phantomene, 2020
Resin, silicone tubes, wire rope, pump, 20 litres of vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, silicone, jesmonite, varnish, plastic sheets, soundloop.
dimensions variable

text on the show by Esther Gatón, edited by Louis Mason

Photography: Damian Griffiths

© PALFREY 2021