Jonathan Clark; Early Life and Education

24 November – 15 December 2018

opening Wednesday 21 November, 6 – 8 pm 

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Nobody asked for a solipsistic interlude. But what if it helped? Oh yeah? When frenzied
skies burn? The timing looks bad for sure. But how about a solipsism piloted not by a
cloistered self or by severance of the outward gaze or by a cauterising of the social graft but instead hungered by an appetite for the side-effect, the hinterground, the extra-relevant, the margins of the margin, and the image that imagines the logistics of the image? Why call it solipsistic? Because it’s governable only by an opaque and hyperbolic
sovereignty. The faculties of decision at work here are unavailable to scrutiny. But their fruits are. They convene a crowding of the mind by associations. A leap-frogging of attention. A collision of levels. Image that are and are not objects. Images that are somehow images of the distribution of the image. Images of the flow of the image. Images of the expenditure of the image. Images of the fixture of the image. Images of the digestion of the image. And images of the absence of the image.

For his first solo exhibition, ‘Early Life and Education’, Jonathan Clark shows works from a four-year period to the present. In Clark’s work the boundary between visual noise and
signal is uncertain. Clark uses the remnants of painting to navigate and endure this
uncertainty. The show at Palfrey includes site-specific wall works, recent and past paintings, an assortment of objects, images, surfaces and texts.

Jonathan Clark was born in Southampton. He graduated from the MFA at Goldsmiths,
University of London, in 2016. He lives in London.

Palfrey, 8 Palfrey Place SW8 1PA