PALFREY is pleased to host SPUR, a new virtual residency platform developed by artist Joey Holder that unites international graduates working across digital processes.

The programme began in August 2020 with the aim of supporting artists through the uncertainty of a post-graduation period that coincided with lockdown. Participants use self-built avatars and new pseudo personas, rather than their existing identities to facilitate new methodologies. This is supported through a framework of mentoring and peer-to-peer collaboration.

Launched in April 2021, a new immersive 3D interactive environment built by the artists marks the culmination of the first iteration of SPUR



Enter the SPUR.WORLD Portal

Across workshops, collaboration, and mentorship the fourteen SPUR residents explore the boundaries of their digital practice through a pseudo identity. In the culmination of this period of research and exchange, SPUR.WORLD employs the avatars’ speculative look in forming digital identity and environment. 

Consisting of fourteen virtual worlds, the online exhibition represents the subconscious domain of the residents’ custom avatars. Working within themes and representations of mysticism, ritual, and the natural world, the collective utilises game engine technology to form complex yet cohesive narratives. PALFREY has selected 572 – Rebekka’s Bag o’ Bones and an untitled avatar to be hosted on PALFREY’s Project page during May 2021. Please see video walkthroughs of the selected worlds below:

SPUR.WORLD is a browser based game developed and run through Unity, a 3D game engine. Please note that webpages will take some time to fully load and will require that your browser is operating on the most recent version. 

Please use the following commands when navigating worlds: 

W/A/S/D to move

Mouse to look 

SPACE to jump

Click anywhere to close 

untitled avatar

572 – Rebekka’s Bag o’ Bones



Zhang OO, Sade Arellano, Nicholas Delap, Emma Dolan, Jordan Edge, Arieh Frosh, Benjamin Hall, Yifan He, Elijah Kennedy, Nuka Nayu, Kerolaina Linkevica, Niamh Lynch, Kinnari Saraiya, and Ellie Towers.

SPUR.WORLD and resulting programming will be hosted by the following UK partners: Arebyte, London, Chaos Magic, Nottingham, D-UNIT, Bristol, Eastside Projects, Birmingham, PALFREY, London, QUAD, Derby​, and New Art City. 

SPUR is produced by Chaos Magic, Omsk Social Club and D-UNIT. 

SPUR.WORLD Website: Joel Cocks and Multimodal 

SPUR.WORLD Exhibition Build: Ben Hall

Graphic Design: PARADYME

Creative Producer:  Megan Broadmeadow

Head of Public Programme: Julia Greenway

SPUR is presented in partnership with Chaos Magic, D-UNIT, Omsk Social Club, Arts University Bournemouth, Liverpool John Moores University, Cursor, WARP, Resolume, and PALFREY. Strange Loop Games have generously provided support for the forthcoming micro residency in ‘Eco’ where SPUR community artists are working together to create a civilization on a virtual planet.

SPUR.WORLD and its public programme are generously supported by Arts Council England.

SPUR is produced and directed by Joey Holder